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Starting school September 2023 - Welton Primary School Open Event - Thursday 1 December 2022 at 4pm

further information can be located in the attached flyer

Welton Primary School open event 1 December 2022 


AGE UK HULL NEEDS VOLUNTEERS for more information please click on the link below.

Age UK Hull - Volunteers sought  




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Annual Governance & Accountability Return for the year ended 31 March 2022

Sections 20(2) and 25 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014

Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/234)

The audit of accounts for Welton Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2022 has been completed and the accounts have been published.  The Annual Governance and Accountability Return is available for inspection by any local government elector of the area of Welton Parish Council on application to Catherine Train (Parish Clerk/RFO) Email: clerk@weltonparishcouncil.gov.uk / Telephone: 07807 729549.

Announcement made by Catherine Train (Parish Clerk/RFO) 

Date of announcement 27 September 2022

AGAR 2021-22 Section 1 - Welton Parish Council 

AGAR 2021-22 Section 2 - Welton Parish Council 

AGAR 2021-22 Section 3 - Welton Parish Council 

East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Trading Standards Services has received reports of Nottingham Knockers cold calling in East Riding villages.

You may know this group as ‘duster sellers’. They are normally young males carrying large bags full of cleaning products which they offer for sale door-to-door. This approach is believed to have started in the Nottingham area, hence the term ‘Nottingham Knockers’. Unfortunately, as well as selling everyday items at inflated prices, they may also be looking for suitable targets with a view to either obtaining personal details to sell on, or committing crime.
These callers typically claim to be ex-offenders trying to make a new start in life by working on a probation or rehabilitation scheme, and may show a false ID card, or a false Pedlar's Certificate (genuine certificates are issued by the Police). Government rehabilitation schemes do not involve door-to-door sales.
Local residents have reported that some of these callers have been abusive. It is also believed that others may try to charm their way in, making repeat visits to the same household.
The best course of action for local residents is:
  • Do not make up-front payments to any cold callers.
  • Do not deal with Nottingham Knockers.
  • NEVER allow Nottingham Knockers into your home.
  • If you are aware of Nottingham Knockers visiting your neighbourhood, please report any such activity to the Police immediately, using the non-emergency number, 101. Give as much information as you can such as times dates, descriptions and vehicle registration numbers. By doing this you may help prevent crime.
  • Report any suspicions about other types of door-to-door selling to Citizens Advice consumer helpline 0808 223 1133, giving as much information as you can, such as business names and addresses.
If you are able to help raise awareness of this issue, we would be grateful. Thank you for your attention.


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UNEMPLOYED - FREE JOB COACHING CLUB at Costello Stadium from 1 November 2022

Job Club Poster commencing 1 November 22

Humber Job Club Poster October 22 


Melton Pond Restoration Phase 2

Volunteers required (dates to be confirmed in November)

Bring your gloves, rakes, petrol trimmers, wheelbarrows for a bit of gardening fun.

You may even get a cup of tea and a burger.

Toilet facilities on site.

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/1198111688/videos/1089638088357759/

Junction of Melton Old Road and Gibson Lane North.

If you would like to volunteer email meltonpond@thedoghouse9.karoo.co.uk