Grant Funding Scheme

Aims of the Scheme

The aim of the grants scheme is to help promote a vibrant and active local community. The Council recognises and supports the valuable contribution made by many volunteer groupsand organisations in the fields of sport, art, culture, social care, services for young people, elderly people and people with disabilities and the many others who contribute to the well being of the community. The intention is to improve the range of local services and activities. The Council will consider financial support from community organisations, which are not for profit and whose membership and field of activity benefits the residents of Welton, Melton and Wauldby.

There is a limited budget available each year for grants. The Council considers applications all year round being awarded through resolution at Full Council meetings respectively if available budgets allow.

When considering an application the following points will be considered:
How well the grant meets the need of the community
How effectively the organisation will use the grant
Whether the costs are appropriate and realistic
The level of contribution raised locally
Whether the organisation can reasonably have been expected to obtain sufficient funding from a more appropriate source

Conditions of Funding

Applications cannot be accepted from:
Organisations operating overseas or to a fund established to help persons outside the UK
Organisations connected to political activity
Commercial businesses
Organisations intending to discriminate on grounds of gender, sexuality, race, disability or religion
It is essential that applications are submitted on the correct application form supported by the appropriate documentation by the specified due date. Applications that are incomplete may be rejected.

The maximum grant award per application is £750. However the Council will accept applications for projects costing more than £750 where the remainder is being raised from other sources.

Applications will only be accepted from charitable or non-profit making organisations and not for the benefit of individuals. Organisations are normally limited to one successful application per year.

The Parish Council can only accept applications to cover publicity by way of assistance to organisations where the publicity is incidental to the main purpose for which the assistance is given. Organisations should be local to the parish or if outside the area their work should be of direct benefit to the parish and its residents.

Applications will not be considered from ‘upwards funders’ i.e. groups whose fundraising is sent to a central HQ for redistribution. Applications will not be considered from national organisations or local groups with access to funds from national umbrella or parent organisations unless it can be demonstrated that inadequate funds are available for a specific project of local significance.

Organisations that receive a grant will be required to acknowledge the Council’s contribution on all publicity material and may be asked to participate in the Council’s own publicity. The Council reserves the right to seek supplementary information from applicants before making a final decision. The Council’s decision is final as to whether to award a grant and the value of that award. There is no right to appeal the outcome. The Council reserves the right to award more than £750 for larger projects that
benefit the village community.

How to apply

Complete the application form (pdf) and send, together with any supporting documentation, to the Clerk.

You may be asked to attend the Council meeting to speak about your application. Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday in the month.