About the Parish

The Extent of the Parish

The parish compromises of Welton, Melton and Wauldby. It extends northwards for about three miles from the Humber to include Wauldby, to the east it reaches to the outskirts of North Ferriby at Long Plantation: the eastern boundary extends northwards over Melton Hill where it adjoins Swanland.

To the west, Welton is bounded by the Parish of Elloughton-cum-Brough: from the junction of Kidd Lane with the Beverley Road, the boundary skirts around the village and crosses the A63(T) close to the footbridge and runs parallel to Common Lane before swinging somewhat to the west before it crosses the railway line and the airfield.

To the south, the parish extends approximately two thirds of the way across the river towards Lincolnshire.

Welton Parish map

Allotments in Welton

Please note that the allotments are owned by St Helen’s Church and not the Parish Council. Please direct enquiries to Jackie Naidoo tel 01482 666 852 

Mill Beck Pond